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The European 2.0

From 15 October until 6 November, I will show three works at Fészek Galeria and Neon Galeria in Budapest as part of ‘The European 2.0’ (Dutch: De Europeesche), a group exhibition with four Hungarian and four Dutch artists. This exhibition is a follow-up of ‘The European’ thirty years ago in 1985.

Zonder titel (stack), 1988/89

Untitled (stack), 1988/89

Untitled (stack) 1989 Pigment, acrylic on canvas 11x 20x35 cm, height 25 cm
Untitled (stack)
Pigment, acrylic on canvas
11x 20×35 cm, height 25 cm


Het hoogtepunt van seriële schilderijen in groen. Na eerder de series van schilderijen conventioneel, naast elkaar op een wand werden getoond, werden de delen gestapeld en gepresenteerd als object.

Culmination of serial paintings in green. After first displaying series of canvasses were presented on in a conventional way, on a wall, the pieces were stacked and presented as object.